Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Because I didn’t delete the blog, I feel kind of obliged to write an update now and then. And this is a now moment.
Like I wrote in my previous post I’m currently only playing cash tables at the moment. Playing cash tables gives me more freedom about my play time. It is much easier to stop when I want or to join a cash table then starting an SNG. A few days ago my BR was crushed from 40€ to 8€, this due to unmotivated play during SNGs resulting in a streak of no Cashes!
I now proudly can announce that my current BR just broke the 50€ barrier. Apparently the combination of watching the European championships and playing 1 NL20 table is the ideal combination. To bad that I discovered this too late!

Also the level of play helps and this was a surprise to me. There is a big difference between the level at Pokerstars and Unibet Poker. To be short. The best to describe my game is “as tight as Spandex”! So the others should know/understand that if I raise or re-raise that my monster is made of is very close with almost an unlimited number of outs. But no, the fishes here keep funding the post, which obviously will be mine. I can’t complain about this.
Another strange thing is my buy-in. The first time I bought in for 8€, cause that was all that was left in my BR. But I still buy myself in for 8€. How strange is that. It is even worse when I buy-in again after a break. I only buy-in for the profit I made during the previous session, assuring break even for the day. It seems that the other players give you much less respect with a lower buy-in than when you would buy-in for the maximum amount. Luckily I can profit from this at the moment. The downside of course is that you don’t get maximum value out of your monsters. But I can life with this. As long as my BR is growing, doesn’t matter how fast, and I’m enjoying the game, it is fine for me. I also try to stick to the rule that when I doubled my buy-in I’m gone.

I also started to update/clean up the Amatuer poker bloglisting. I’m removing all the dead blogs on there and blocking the ones which doesn’t have a link back to the bloglisting. It sounds harse but the rules are clear! I’m now half way. I finished this task already with the Sportsbetting bloglisting (http://sportsbetting.onbloglist.com). On the other side, I’m gentle enough to inform the people if they have placed a link on their blog but without their referral ID.

On the sportsbetting side, I’m still making a profit during this European Championship. Mainly due to one correct score bet. 2 days ago I was close to another correct score but Cech had others ideas about this.
You can find my bets in advance on my sportsbetting blog (http://dremeber-mybets.blogspot.com). Hey, I even created a widget for that blog. You can find it in the left side bar, feel free to post it on your blog. It goes without saying that I’m happy to return the favour.

Good luck at the green felts,

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Logan said...

Hi Dremeber,

I have enjoyed reading your blog in the past and have just recently started my own blog. Recently I have been playing shortstacked alot too. One really good advantage about playing the short stack is that opponents will make terrible calls against you, because they think they are priced in or that your stack is small in comparison to theirs, so losing a small part of their stack doesn't matter. With the shortstack I usually wait till I have a big pocket pair or AK, AQ and then push all in. If someone has already opened the pot for a raise and you re-raise them all in, they will often call with terrible hands because you are short stacked. This is a good way to double up quickly. Anyway, good luck at the tables! It is nice to see you posting again.


Wildcat said...

Agree, it is good to see you posting again. Russia to beat Holland is a good bet ;)

All the best.

Small Stakes Poker said...

You're obsessed with Russia Wildcat ;)

Logan said...

Hi Dremeber,

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I read your post about adsense policies, it was very informative. It is strange that they will let you sign up and even approve your account, even if it is against their policies. I will check out adbrite.



Littleacornman said...

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Littleacornman said...
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