Thursday, August 07, 2008

Doing better than expected

I can't complain about my poker. I did manage to lift my Pokerstars BR above the $100 border. Now it proudly stands on $120 or something there about. In the past few days I made a profit of $40. Not bad if you consider that I have played only a few hours and always only 1 single table. This gives me the opportunity to write the preview of the different European football leagues for my sports betting blog.

The doomswitch for the SNGs is still on but the light is shinning very brightly on the cash tables. I also have the feeling that my cash game play has matured. Today I was very proud that I was capable of laying down pockets 7s. After the pre-flop raise, we were still with 2 players in the pot. The flop was 9Q9. So I tried a continuation bet of around 35% of the pot. The villain called. The turn gave another Q, so instead of blowing my complete buy-in I decided to check and fold if the villain would raise the pot and so I did. Maybe I was still ahead, I will never know. But I didn't tagged his play style yet and it was not worth the risk.

Quickly back to the football side of life. The Belgian football is going throe the drain. If our best club isn't even capable of eliminating the Champion of White Russia in the second CL qualification round, alarm bells are ringing. BUT since today we maybe have to best logo for our Premier league. Okay, the name is still lame but it is a start.

Good luck at the green felt,

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