Friday, August 08, 2008

I won my first MTT. WHOOOOOT!!!!!!

Finally something great to write on my blog.
Okay I have to admit that there were only 143 entrants and that the buy-in was only $1. But hey, I took the fucking baby down. O man, it feels so sweet. To bad to first price was only $38. But hey what am I complaining about, that was 30% of my BR.

My first MTT win (Benelux Poker League)Have to admit that actually it was my second MTT win. The other one was BritBloggerment 19, ran by Acornman and Mr. Cloud. somewhere last summer. But then there were only something about 40 or 50 players, on the other side the pay-out was bigger. Around $78.

But still I'm incredibly proud on myself. Never thought that I could win an MTT over 100 entrants. Of course there was some luck involved. Specially during heads up. I took a gamble when the Villain went all-in post flop with a flush chance for me and I called. A blank turn, but a lovely river. 5 hands later I took the gamble with A3s. He showed QQ and again the river rewarded my aggressive play with a A.

After all, it maybe was a deserved victory. I eliminated 5 players during the FT and was from the moment the bubble did burst chipleader with most of the time a major chiplead. Never played for 4 straight hours. After taking the obliged screenshot I did shut down stars to cool down.

Due to this win, I'm kinda forced to play this MTT some more this month, cause it has a monthly leaderboard. I now have played 2 of these Benelux Poker League games at Stars. the first time I went out in 27th place, just inside the money, and now I took it down. So, now I have 25 points, which will probably place me around the 20th place in the leaderboard.

Acornman, thx for railing me. Maybe you don't believe it but it did help me.
Duece00Seven, I was nice playing with you, sorry that I had to bully you around all the time.
MrPink where were you when I finally could brag about something pokerwise!

Good luck at the tables,

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Nick said...

Good work Drem!!

I've linked you up.

Rot Weiss said...

Won my first one in December, Drember. I remember it was a fantastic feeling. Have won two since and its that first one that gives you so much confidence.

The 80th Minute said...

It does, it really does.
Even cash games seems easy now. I'm dodging bullets I would even have seen 1 month ago.

Littleacornman said...

No probs mate.Glad you went on and took it down!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant result. It doesn't matter if it is a $1 game or a $100, a win is a win and something not many poker players actually manage.

I hope this gives you confidence to keep your game moving forwards!

Razboynik said...

Congratulations !