Sunday, August 17, 2008


A good poker streak is always followed by a bad streak. It is an unwritten law of poker. The questions are how do you deal with it and how much does it cost you?

The answers on both questions: for once I could keep my cool. Luckily. I did loose around $50 this week, which is a considerable amount of my BR but I'm still up for the month. The loss on stars is limited to a miserable $10 but all the rest was lost on FT. Mostly due to bad calls of the hero, so nobody to blame. I can now complain about variance but that wouldn't be fair after last weekend cause what goes around comes around. I can be mad cause I missed the straight danger once, which did cost me a tenner, so the sum it up: it were fishy mistakes.

Still need to score 200 FT points and around 400 Stars points. All the BR left on FT is still profit and it should no problem to score these points with my $71 BR. Collecting the remaining Stars points will be more difficult but I have more than 5 months left to clear it. So that also should be fine. The BR on Stars is $115, from which $35 is my own money and the remaining $80 is profit. I did withdraw $50 already from Stars to fund my FT BR, but that 50 is already back to the back account.

I'm standing still 31th at the Benelux League board but when Stars will update the ranking I will probably drop to place 60 or something thereabout. If I look at the previous months my 31 points should be enough to collect $5 for ending between place 51 and 100.


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