Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another MTT FT! That's 2 in one weekend!

This time it was the $3 re-buy at FullTilt with 80 entrants. Eventually ended in 4th place, good for a pay-out of $64. The good thing is that I didn't need a re-buy but I did choose to take the add-on.

The key hand was just for the bubble when I was forced to go all-in with A4. I did get 2 callers both with AK. But the 4 on the flop and the bonus 4 on the turn brought my tournament life back to life.

I did made one mistake which costed my probably the top 3, where the even bigger pay-outs were, when I did call from the BB an all-in raise, which I thought was a steal attempt. My K3 were powerless vs the Kq the villain had.

With one MTT win and a 4th place this is my most profitable poker weekend so far!

Good luck,

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Administrator said...

You wrote on my blog something about google adsense. Google sent me couple of checks so far and I cash them already.

The 80th Minute said...

Hi Sloba,

Thx for reporting this back. So maybe I was an exception!
Good to read that it works for u.


Poker Professor said...
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Wildcat said...

Well done mate, great feeling when it all clicks isn't it ;) On a decent run myself at the moment, lets hope they both continue :)

behhh04 said...

yeh nice work mate. haha im going terribly at tournaments and sng's. Thank god for cash games. Good to see someone going well.

dD said...

nice one, we knew you were not as bad as you made out :)



The 80th Minute said...

thx all, hope I can post another FT soon

Michael Kent said...

how do you do it.

Anonymous said...
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