Thursday, August 21, 2008

Working hard for small profits

Yep, poker wise life could be better. Today I decided to play another game of the Benelux Poker League. Still running but at least everybody gets one point, which should assure me of a paid prize. A mighty free 5 bucks. In the mean time I fired up a NL25 cash table. After 15 minutes I was $5 up, so everything was going well until I got dealt KK. I raised 3 BB and got one re-raiser. I didn't think that he had Aces so I shoved everything to the middle of the table. After some hesitation he called. The flop was K73. The turn was a J and the river a 9. And yep I lost against a flush. He had queens. Bugger. 400 more PokerStars points to clear, which is a lot. I think that I should drop a level until my BR on Stars is back above $100. So instead of collecting points it is time to collect so cash.

On FT the BR is more or less status quo. Here I have dropped to NL10 and decided to only play during ring time happy hour. I only need 20 points more to clear, which should be done this evening. Than I can apply for the no deposit bonus on Cake poker, which YPC is offering. Maybe I should go for Rakeback deals but I'm not playing enough to collect a decent rakeback.
Yesterday I played 2 hours there for a miserable $4 profit.

Edit: HELP, it keeps getting worse. Decided to withdraw most of my BR from Stars until my bad luck is over, leaving $35 behind. That should do the trick I hope. Have been beaten today on stars by the most ridiculous hands. It was like other people could see the community cards pre-flop.

Good luck at the tables,

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