Friday, August 22, 2008

I can't believe it myself

I know when I would read it on another blog that I would doubt it. We all know that poker has some part of luck involved. And that the other side of luck is misfortune. We also all think to know that sometimes you are riding a wave of luck, while other days you are trying to jump of the wave of misfortune.

Today I had the great idea to play a MTT on FT, while grinding away grinding some NL10 tables.
The MTT was over in 10 hand. Hand 9 I got KK in my hands. So it was a no brainer to call the pre-flop all-in raise from on already crippled stack. He went all-in with a fucking 95 off suited. Can you believe that? And yep can you believe that I lost the hand vs 2 pair?
So, the next hand again pocket kings. So, I thought that FT was trying to make something good. I hade to move AIPF and it went to a 3 side all-in. Luckily no pocket aces. But the A10 off suited got the A on the river. So out in two hands without making mistakes.

In the mean time I already lost half a buy-in at one of the 2 NL10 tables I was running, when I ran into AA with my JJ and all rainbow community cards below my Js. Just bad luck. Nothing wrong with this. 10 hands later at that same table I finally got AA and just needed to call an all-in pre-flop. The Q on the river turned his pocket queens into a set. Again I cannot blame myself.

At the other cash table I'm completely card dead! Yeah.

At the stupidest thing of all, is the stupid withdrawal rule of FT, that the minimum withdrawal is $50. Almost impossible for me now to lift my BR to that amount. Fucking FT.
So I fired up 2 90 seater knockout SNG hoping to make it to the cash. But so far, after 20 minutes of play, I didn't get playable hands.

I know that there are more important thing in life but still this frustrates me. I hope that this blog post did drop my stress level a little bit.
Or maybe I just such in playing poker. Which actually could be true!

Thx for reading,

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behhh04 said...

Keep at it dude. By the sounds of things your bound for an upswing soon!

Anonymous said...

ouch. Keep the head mate. No matter how tough it gets keep the head.

I only wish I could take my own advice! LOL.



The 80th Minute said...

Thx for the encouragements.