Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bonus cleared at PStars, profit made and cashed

I have cleared my deposit bonus on Pstars. So an extra $34 was added to my BR, this combined with another upswing and my PStars story was a success. Including the bonus I made $144 profit on Stars, pretty darn proud on this. After the bonus was released I withdrew most of my funds to my Moneybookers account, leaving $44 behind.

The question now is what am I going to do with the collected FPPs? Not sure about it. It would be stupid to buy Pstars gear with it, although their soccer shirt looks really good. I don't read any poker books so that also not an option. Time will tell I guess.

So, what is the next step?
YPC deposited my No Deposit bonus on Cake poker. I have 3 months time to clear another $50, so I will be focusing on that. I need 850 points to clear the extra $50 and 1200 points before I may withdraw the cash.
In the meanwhile I will have to wait until Stars offers a new deposit bonus.

Also, tried Holdemmanager yesterday. After a hassle of installing the PostGreSql I did find out that they don't support cake poker due to Cakes TOS. Bugger. So Holdemmanager has no added value for the moment.


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Wildcat said...

Use the fpps to play some mtt qualifiers!

MyPokerThoughts said...

I've had trouble at Full Tilt deciding what to get with their Full Tilt Points. I definitely know that I'm not getting one of those Full Tilt beanies though as it seems everybody has one nowadays.

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