Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Straight flush ...

... but not for me! Bugger. Did only play 1 session in the past 5 days. To busy with my son, football, sportsbetting and playing tennis.

So Sunday evening I logged in, prepared to turn my Cake poker account into a winning account but 10 minutes later I lost 2 buy-ins and shut down. The first time I lost with KK vs QQ. All low card on the flop but a Q on the turn. The problem is that I never did put him on QQ. I did not slow play my kings not did I played them strong enough! I did loose with pockets kings 5 times out of my last 6 times I got them dealt.

The other buy-in was lost when my straight was beaten by a straight flush. Nothing I could do about it!

Better luck next time I guess.


2 reacties:

Small Stakes Poker said...

Keep at it
luck will turn

The 80th Minute said...

thx Gats.
I know/hope it will.