Friday, April 10, 2009

And another cash!

Well to be honest I don't understand it. I'm not the best card player in the world. There is no question about that. So there are the following possibilities:
- I'm on a roll,
- 7 card stud is easy,
- The other players are even stupider than me.

You are free to pick the one which suits me best. Another possibility is that I finally did find the game I'm good at. Which is possible but it doesn't explain the back-2-back cashed.

Yesterday there were 48 participant and 7 paid places. So making it to the final table was crucial. Once the FT was started I was 6th in Chip lead. Rather safe ITM. But the shortstack doubled twice and was suddenly way ahead of me. Suddenly I was playing to secure my place in stead of going for the pots, which is never a good situation to be in. To be honest I played like a chicken! the reason behind this is easy! Bankroll, bankroll, bankroll! With a bigger bankroll I probably would have played more aggresive, risking to end just OTM but with more chances on better result!

Next step is to try to get it to the break without needing a rebuy. It should be possible. The last 2 times, I needed a re-buy and also used the Add-on. I guess that the add-on is crucial when you are in the middle of the field.


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