Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yeah! First time ITM @ 7card limit stud R/A

My first final table and ITM came faster as expected. Yesterday I ended at the 4th spot out of 32 contender. Have to admit that I had to use 1 re-buy after a stupid "I cannot lay-down" action and used the add-on to give myself some more time after the add-on period. During the rebuy time I also had the nightmare that my laptop crashed. No idea why!
To bad that I went out with 2 pairs. The river completed them but his/her river completed his/her straight.
Particularry proud on the fact that I was capable of laying down pocket Ks after a raise and a re-raise. Glad that I had the power cause the AA probably would have crushed my hand.

Not so bad for a complete noob and fish at the 7 card stud tournament. Before a week ago I didn't even know the game. Today was the first day that I read some articles about tournament play. It is strange what a wild west the first 2 rounds can be at 7card stud.

This is my track record so far:
April 3rd -> 12th out of 48
April 4th -> 40th out of 56
April 7th -> 21th out of 41
April 8th -> 4th out of 32 (Good for $61.60)

What I like about this tournament is that it normally doesn't run more than 2 hours and it starts after Lars his sleeping time.
What do I like about 7 card stud, well the fact that there is much more information available but still not enough to put the players on their hands.

Curious if I can end up ITM again next week.

May not forget to mention that I also won a watch with a cycling fantasy game. My second prize this season. But the other prize was a cyling outfit, like I could use it!


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