Thursday, May 28, 2009

A fresh start!

I decided to upload some fresh funds to Stars and I'm not planning to throw it away like the previous one. But that is easier written down than done. For the first time since long I had to upload funds cause the previous BR dried up, normally I'm able to cash my deposit with some profit but not last time.

One of my major BR leaks is that I don't build up a bankroll. I to quickly cash some profit or the initial deposit, which isn't a sign of confidence in myself. I will try not to make this mistake again. The deposit was only a miserable $75. Still plenty left in the poker bank account.
To plan is to wipe out my loss of $80. Again easy to write down, more difficult to acchieve but not impossible.

Like written before I tried to analyse my game with the help of SiTAndGo Wizard. But this tool is not for me. I hate the fact that it gives advice and your % of winning chances but that you can't see the outcome of the hand.Now I have downloaded a trial version of PokerTracker. The downside is ofcourse that it doesn't automatically imports the SNG results but with the POP3 import this isn't a problem which can't be overcome. The only hassle is that I need to restart PT3 after importing them otherwise I don't see the results in the tournament tab.
I also decided that I need to step back to the single table SNGs in stead of the 18 or 45 seaters. There is a much more winning percentage in these and I have the feeling that it should be easier to end up ITM in these.

I'll keep you posted!Dremeber

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