Friday, May 29, 2009

Second loosing day in a row! Auch!

Luckily I did manage to win my last SNG I played or the damage would have been much bigger.
Played 12 SNGs yesterday (10 10 seaters and 2 18 seaters). Didn't cash in the 18 seaters, while I should have in one. But a donk move from my side with AK during the bubble did get me eliminated. Very stuped cause I was atm second in stack.

Did cash in 3 10 seaters but the amount won was not enough to cover all my antes of the day. 1 first and two thirds.

I did replay all my major loosing hands of the day and came to the following conclusions:
A few non cashes were simply my own faults but the red line of yesterday that I wasn't capable of hitting the flop and that my Ax never won a race against small pocket pairs. On the other side, none of my pocket pairs held up against their Ax. Add to that flushes being beaten by higher flushes and then you have a perfect poker misfortune cocktail.

PT is giving some indications of leaks but still to early (not enough SNGs available yet) to form some conclusions. On the other hand I have the feeling that I'm playing more focussed. Don't know if it has anything to do with PT.

I'm confident that I can break my loosing streak this evening.

Note to myself: Third places are worthless, third places are worthless.


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Nami Dalufin said...

Well wish you luck, the next time you will play try to switch with another strategies you had and then beat the banker. Go!

graciemakie21 said...

awtz that's bad... better luck next time...

ei if you got time please drop by to my blog thanks



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