Sunday, September 20, 2009


I joined the $11 poker syndicate at RTR. The idea is that everybody plays 5 $11 MTTs. All the winnings will be put into a pot and shared amoung all the members which did play all 5 games.
At the moment I played 3 and did cash in ione. A great 96the place out of 2702 contenders. Good for $40. I'm glad that I could add some dosh to the pot.

Also trying to play a set of 25 games of the $1.75 18 seater. I need to find out what my best play ground is. I did want to try 6 seaters at a lower buy-in than the $3.40 one but there aren't any. So the 18 seater will be a good starting place. At the moment I did finish 8 of them. Cashing in 2, giving my at the moment an intermediate result of a loss of -$0.5. So some improvement is needed.


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