Friday, September 25, 2009

First set of 25, not a success

Surprisingly I did not make a profit in the first set of 25. I did had 6 cashes, 3 times I took it down. Still not enough to make a profit, in stead a loss of $0.55 is recorded. The problem is that once I have a decent stack I start playing to defensive. I know I should be more aggressive but ...
When I decided to increasethe aggressiveness I lost every race I had. So in my eyes a lot of misfortune but don't we all say this.

I should try to increase the number of FTs to around 65%. Thats somewhere around 15 FTs out of 25 games if I then can maintain my ITM of 50% when reaching the FT I should make a profit.

Let's see if set 2 will be better.


2 reacties:

Nick said...

Don't worry about 25 games as a sample - it's pretty meaningless. As you say, you lost every race you had - so if you had won a race or two, a healthy profit would have been recorded.

Good luck!

BurnleyMik said...

Yeah it is a small sample size, but I play a lot of 18 mans and I think you need to be hitting that final table more than 65% of the time. It sounds as fif you might be playing too loose in the early rounds.

Obv, I don;t know for sure as I haven;t seen you play, but play these just like a single table tourney. Super tight... including dropping AQ/AJ etc and then really open up at 10 BB's, with position.

Anyways if you ever want to discuss strategy, you know where I am.

good luck mate