Friday, October 16, 2009

Set 4: Incredibly bad

Didn't see that coming for sure not after the excellent set 3. But set 4 delivered a loss of $14.10.
The strangest thing is that I reach in 17 occasions the FT. So I can only blame it on variance, not?

In did cash in 6 of them but not victory. Not even 1. 3 of my cashes were 4th places and that's almost the same as not ending up ITM. My average finishing position was 7,64. Almost the same as in set 3.
In 3 occasions I was the bubble boy, add to this 4 six places.

The good news is that in 80% of the cases that I pushed my chips to the middle of the table I was ahead. The bad news is that I did loose these pushes in 80% of the cases. Bummer. Nothing more I can tell about this. Also got my aces cracked twice in this set.

BR now is at $43.95. Set 5 will have to point me again in the right direction.


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