Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The way to go?

At the moment I was playing without a real goal. Like everybody the idea is to make some money but this is hard at the 18 seater of $1.75. I know I need to move up a level, but I had no idea when I should move up the level.

I did start playing the $1.75 stakes because my BR simply didn't allow me to play at a higher level. I do understand that the key in these games is simply patience. Even playing ABC poker can cause you to end up in a real mind field. It is not uncommon at these level that players do call a raise and re-raise of 500 chips with 57sm hitting the flop and crushing your mighty high pocket pairs.

Normal BR plans say that you should need around 20 to 30 buy-ins of the next level before moving up. Because I'm playing sets of 25 games I will alter this a little bit and create my own BR management.

First let's do some calculations:
2 sets of the 18 seaters at $1.75 costs $87.50
1 set of $1.75 and 1 set of $3.40 costs $128.75
2 sets of $3.40 costs $170.00

Every finishing a set I will look at my BR. If the BR is below $128.75 I will play at the $1.75 stake, if the BR is above $125 I will play at the $3.40 level. If after this set the BR is again below $125 I will drop back a level.
I know that a lot of people will disagree with this approach and if you do, feel free to post your ideas via a comment.

At the moment the BR is standing at $56. I expect to collect around $30 from the RTR syndicate. Lifting my BR around $90.
I hope that 1 can lift my BR above $125 after I finished 3 more sets. So this will be my short term goal.

And now a chapter with which many of you will disagree. At the moment I still have around $100 left on MB and around $30 on PKR. Besides trying to lift my BR at Stars, I should also try to lift my reserve BR. When I did reach the $3.40 stakes I will bank after each set of 25 games. I will bank half the profit, if made, of the set to MB.
There are several reasons behind this. One is described above, I do want to bank once in a while, and the other is that I don't know if I'm ready to move up another stake. I don’t know if my level is good enough. I know that the only way to find it out is to play at the level but cause I don't feel the urge to do so.

Feel free to spread your ideas about this post.


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Wildcat said...

I think you've got a sensible attitude. I doubt the next level up will be too much different in standard either. Good luck!