Monday, October 19, 2009

Set 5: Not complaining

Set 5 has been finished. While I did made a profit, it could have been better/bigger. I bubbled in 4 SNGs. If I did made it ITM in 50% of these the profit would have bigger. One I bubbled out with AQ vs A3, another time when my AK didn't get any help and lost against 99, more unfortunate was the preflop push with 77 when I did run into JJ. But I could live with this push. It was in late position.

I did reach 18 FTs of the 25. Not bad at all. My conversion rate FT into an ITM place is 38%. This should increase in the future.
The 7 ITMs were good for an overall profit is: $10.25. A ROI of 23%, which is good enough.

I only won 1. Not good enough. On the other hand 4 second places. I don't have the feeling that my heads up play is not good enough. I just picked some wrong time to push or call.
The fact that I didn't end on a fourth place is also a good sing. I hope it does mean that my bubble play is getting more aggressive.

The overall profit over 125 SNGs has increased to $21.55, with a still to low ROI of 9,8%.
The average ending position in this set was 7,24, which is excellent for me.

I also finally did came to the conclusion that the quantity of games played in the SNGs is important for and your profit and to wipe out variance.


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Wildcat said...

"The overall profit over 125 SNGs has increased to $21.55, with a still to low ROI of 9,8%"

Can I ask what rake you are paying in these sngs, is it $1.50+$0.25 or $1.60+$0.15? Either way, you are going to struggle to get a better roi on that whilst paying such a high rake. Problem is that at those levels that is around the going rate.

I'd actually go further and say that is pretty impressive, I would doubt if many could beat it. If you are interested in stepping up a level, I would be prepared to have a try at staking you. Send me an email to the address on my blog if this is something you would consider. Good luck!

The 80th Minute said...

Thx for the offer Wildcat but I have the feeling that I'm not ready to step up a level (yet).

Did try to find your email address on your blog but the noob I am I didn't find it.

Wildcat said...

Okay, no probs :) I must have taken it off when I got spammed lol. Anyway, if you change your mind it's, msn the same. :) gl!