Sunday, October 25, 2009

Set 6: the zone?

Set 6 did end with a bummer, 2 2 outers against and 5 non cashes but for the rest it was a great set.

16 FTs, that's 2 less then the set before. But a mighty 5 victories, add to this 1 second place, 2 third places and 1 fourth place and the result is a profit of $31.85. Good for a ROI of 72,8%. With other words, not bad.

Very glad with the 5 wins, which makes a big difference in profit.
The FT ITM conversion was 56,25%. Could be better but we cannot complain about everything.

With the pauout night at RTR this week, I hope that after set 7 I can move up a level.
BR at the moment is around $84.

The combined profit at the moment is a little bit above $50. A ROI of around 18%.

If set 7 is half as good as set 6, I'm a satisfied man.


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