Friday, November 13, 2009

I moved to Doyles

Unfortunately, the SNGs they are offering are my cup of tea. So I decided to learn the pure art of poker: cash games.
I will start @NL10. Why NL10. I have a rakeback deal via A rakeback deal @nl10 and with 300 hands will give me an advantage of a dollar per day. That's around 25 to 30 per month which means a big deal for me.

Also it will allow my clear more parts of my bonus. At the moment Doyles is giving out a 110% bonus up to 600$ for a first deposit. While the SNGs are not my cup of tea, the cash tables at lower limits seems pretty soft. There is also enough crowd fill up plenty of tables. Multitabling is also not a problem. It is not as fancy as @ stars but I will give it a 7 out of 10.

I you decided to also go to Doyles. Do yourself (and me) a favour a sign up via It will give the same rakeback deal as I have, which means a 33% rakeback with the dealt rake method.
The dealt rake back method means that the rake per pot is split between all the players who did het hole cards.


2 reacties:

ElCattivo said...

Hi Dremember

We used to have a link exchange when i was doing the soooted connectors blog - i am back with my blog at - and i will add you to my blogroll again.

Maybe you can put me on yours as well?

About your figures at stars - that ROI looks very good - you might want to hang in there, as your a winning player other a small sample size and 19% is not sustainable, but i guess you should come out a winning player nevertheless.

So anyway, good luck at Doyles Room - i´ll read how you like it and might give it a try someday, too.

Anonymous said...

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