Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A lot to learn

Well ring games are more difficult than I expected. I did know that it wasn't easy, okay, but it never crossed my mind that SNG play will cost you a lot of money at ring games.

In the first week I did play 1849 hands. Most of them @ NL10. The result is shameful. A loss of $49.2. If I add to this the rakeback I did have a net loss of $41.56. Luckely, I made a profit of $6.34 @ NL20.

The second week was a little bit better. Combined with the rakeback and a part of the bonus I did clear I did made a profit of $12.94. But here again the dreadful story @ NL10. 1436 hands played and a loss of $12.94. @NL20 the results were better, played only 83 hands good for a profit of $9.98.

Trying to find my leaks I downloaded a trial version of PT3.
With the small size of hands it is maybe to early to pull some conclusions. But the first one is that I need to play a significant amount of hands from first position. I didn't realize that first position is good for 25% of my losses.
Another rule I did set for myself is that when I increased with 50%, I will leave the table. For some reason or the other I'm capable of building a stack to loose it when a smaller pocket pair made their set. So to prevent this, this rule is in place.

Will let you know on friday how week 3 has ended.


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Black Belt Poker said...

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United113 said...

i find it really hard to play ring games after playing SNG. You're right if you play ring games like SNG you'll lose a lot...

Annette said...

You are right - need to know when it's time to leave the table... I have learnt that one dearly!

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