Monday, November 02, 2009

Stepping up, stepping down

Well despite the good luck wishes of Amatay I have to step down after only 1 set at the $3.40 level.
Only 6 cashes and a loss of $20.2 sealed my faith.
It could have gone different but I did get bubbled out on a few occasions with the correct push but no luck. This evening I also ran twice into KK and once into AA, just bad luck. In the last 2 I did get eliminated with AJ vs KQ and KQ vs K10. Especially this last one was a hard one to swallow. The other one, despite being ahead after the push it was a correct call from the chipleader.

I'm confident that I can make a profit on this level, no question about it, I just do need some more luck. But I have to follow my BR management. So, stepping down I will. The good thing is that I only do need a profit of $20, so after a set of 2 I should be capable of stepping up again.
The BR is still above $100, so no real harm done.

I guess it was just the wrong moment to step up again.
Back to square 1. Here we go.


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