Saturday, October 31, 2009

Change of plans

Did not play for 2 days and still I did made a profit. The guys from RTR did pay-out the syndicate members. This pushed my BR above the targeted $125.

This means that I now have a BR big enough to play at least one set of the $1.75 one and one set of the $3.40 one. So according to my BR management I should step up a level, which I will.

It feels strange I can tell you. While the $1.75 one were a minefield it felt like home. But I hope that it just like moving, while mostly it feels strange, you normally make a step upwards in the real estate level and quickly the new residence feels like home.

I did bank some money, so the BR at the $3.40 starts at $130. Meaning that a loss of less then 5 bucks will mean that I can stay at the same level.

Wish me luck,

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Amatay said...

gl m8!