Thursday, March 04, 2010

Is the winter sleep of this blog over?

Yes and No.
No, cause I don't have the intention to update this blog on a fixed schedule. I will post when I want to post.

Yes, cause I did start playing poker again! Not much, but now and then I kick off a $2.20 180 seater at Stars. The idea is to play a set of 50 and see how far I do get.
I did deposit $25 in the beginning of the year, but the initial deposit is already banked, together with a small profit. At the moment the bankroll stands on $110.47.

Since the beginning of this year I already have played 7 of them. In 2 of them I did finish ITM. And first and third place.
In stead of keeping detailed stats I will trust on pokerprolabs. You can follow my stats here.

Curious if I can make a profit with these.

The stats at the moment:
Played: 7
ITM: 2
Best result: 1
Worst result: 121
Total money cashed: $150.84
Total profit: $135.44

Yep, you are correct. For once I doing a challenge with the knowledge that I will make a profit due to my great start.


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voiceofjoe said...

Nice on Dr, playing a few of these also I'll kee pan eye out for you ;)

Nicole Black said...

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Best Regards,

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Danny said...

Cool - look forward to your future posts. You write really well.

JJ said...

Stats arent looking too bad, look forward to an update soon to see how you are doing. My April has not been so great unfortunately!

RakebackReward said...

Just wondering if you have stopped blogging for good??

Anonymous said...

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