Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Here we are again

Just a post to inform the world that I'm back on the pokertables.

Started with playing some SNG's last month. Just the 18 seater turbo $1.50 SNGs. Trying to build up some bankroll so that I can upgrade the ante to $3.50. Currently the bankroll is just a little above $47. So a long way to go.

I don't have any goals besides going bankrupt and crazy. I have a little goal to buy some golf related stars item from the VIP shop. Also a long way to go.

We will see where it ends.

I don't have the intention to write on daily base on this blog anymore. With 2 kids, a wife, work and other hobbies this isn't feasible. I will try to update my stats at least once a week.

The stats of October arn't that great but also not bad. Played 29 of those, with a profit of $15.94 and a ROI of 36,64%.

The goals for November is to achieve an equal ROI. But for the moment the results are bad: Played 9, a loss of -$1.94 and of course a negative ROI of -12.07%. Which makes the challenge even bigger.


2 reacties:

dD said...

well fuck me gently, you're alive !
does this mean i need to move your blog-link out of my archive folder ??
gl & welcome back

The 80th Minute said...

Hi dD,

Don't know how long it lasts. Try to play max 4 to 6 SNG in the evenings, not trying to focus on profit but on pleasure.