Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just in Time

A week and a half ago I cleared my account after going into tilt mode. The idea was to wait until Stars offered a new reload bonus and it was coming faster than I expected/hoped. Until the first of May you can profit from this reload bonus and like always it is also a bonus which can be cleared by small stakes player. (Bonus code: 09series) It is their second reload bonus period of the year, normally they will offer reload bonus 4 times per year!

For every bonus dollar one has to clear 20 FPPs. The downside is that you have to cover your complete bonus before it gets deposited, the positive side is that stars gives you a gigantic time frame of half a year!

I have deposited $130, good for 20 buy-in at the 18 or 45 seater ($6.50), hoping that I'm now on the other side of variance, that I will play more concentrated or more of that shit!

Good luck with it,

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