Friday, May 01, 2009

Did I find a leak in my game?

Well I hope so and I also hope that I closed the leak. After looking at my stats I came to the conclusion that I didn't reach the final table enough and you can't get ITM when you aren't sitting at the FT. Now what was the problem? I maybe took the play tight in the beginning of an SNG a little bit to strict. Now I try to loosen up my play when we are only with 5 peeps left at the table. And it appears to be working.
The intermediate goal now is to increase the percentage of FT finishes. At the moment it stands at 51.32% I like to increase this to a figure between 60 and 65%.

This evening I played 5 SNGs and the results were great, not super cause I failed to take one home one, but still great. The results: 5, 3, 10, 2, 2 (again) and 9.
Still a lot of SNGs has to be played to get a good idea of the my results on the 18 seaters but If this line continues it is ok for me. The stats on the right are updated!

The only thing is that I doubting now to switch to the 45 seaters. The idea was to play 50 of both of them and then decided where my results were best. Maybe now or then I will play a 45 seater to see if I can collect some decent data, but for the moment I have the feeling that I should stay at the 18 seater.

So maybe I did learn something by analyzing my play. Glad I did!


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