Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some bad beats and a brilliant SNG win.

I didn't play a lot within the last days. Only 12 SNGs of 1$. 6 times I ended up in the money and twice I won.

Some times you wonder if the poker rooms have a shitlist and that you are on top.
A few days ago, I played all-in with JJ cause the blinds were killing me. A fish calls me all-in with almost the same chipcount. He turn 7 3 s, so I felt pretty save but after the flop I knew I was fucked. The flop was A73.

To have some input fot my blog I started to archieve my bad beats.
These are the ones for yesterday:

Bad Beat 1:
- tomi1980 sitting in seat 2 with $1077.68-
Dremeber sitting in seat 3 with $1880.00-
BadLuck_69 sitting in seat 4 with $1802.32 [Dealer]

tomi1980 posted the small blind - $80.00
Dremeber posted the big blind - $160.00
** Dealing card to Dremeber: Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Clubs
BadLuck_69 foldedtomi1980 went all-in - $1077.68
Dremeber called - $1157.68
tomi1980 shows: 2 of Clubs, 2 of Spades
** Dealing the flop: 4 of Spades, 8 of Spades, 3 of Spades
** Dealing the turn: Ace of Spades
** Dealing the river: 7 of Heartstomi1980 wins $2315.36 from the main pot

I was the chiplead and according to me it was worth it to risk the call. So after the cards were put on the table, I felt pretty save. Untill the fucking river.
Came in second in this SNG.

Bad beat 2:
- barnarama sitting in seat 1 with $1160.00
- happy_days sitting in seat 2 with $905.00
- Dremeber sitting in seat 3 with $990.00
- jonke04 sitting in seat 4 with $945.00 [Dealer]
- Grange1985 sitting in seat 5 with $970.00

Grange1985 posted the small blind - $10.00
barnarama posted the big blind - $20.00

** Dealing card to Dremeber: Ace of Spades, Ace of Diamonds
happy_days raised - $40.00
Dremeber raised - $60.00
jonke04 folded
Grange1985 folded
barnarama folded
happy_days called - $60.00

** Dealing the flop: 7 of Hearts, 4 of Clubs, 5 of Hearts
happy_days bet - $150.00
Dremeber raised - $300.00
happy_days called - $300.00

** Dealing the turn: King of Hearts
happy_days checked
Dremeber went all-in - $630.00
happy_days went all-in - $545.00
happy_days shows: 8 of Diamonds, 8 of Spades

** Dealing the river: 6 of Spades
happy_days wins $1840.00 from the main pot

This was the second hand of the SNG, leaving me behind with only 85 chips. Still I won the SNG. Pretty proud of that.

The blogListing:
Setting up a poker blog listing is harder than I thought. Left comment on at least 30 of 40 quality poker blogs. But only 4 added their blog to the listing.
If you have a poker blog, then why don't you added it to The new poker blog listing

Cannot complain about my bankroll: 47.76$.

See you at the tables,

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Mark said...

Hi Dremember,

Thx for the comment, have linked to your blog and your listing. GL with getting it off the ground!

Cheers, Mark

astrodg said...

Hey I added my blog to your listing. I'm not very computer saavy, but I'm wondering if you could explain exactly how I can add a banner to my blog on the listing home page.

snoopy1239 said...

bad beats?!?!