Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The fish called: Dremeber

Yesterday was a complete nightmare. Wouldn't be surprised if on one or the other blog somebody posted my a fish of the month.
I played so bad yesterday that is was not funny anymore.
Okay I also had some bad beats. Like loosing with AA vs a KQu. On the flop, it was still looking good with no dangerous cards. On the turn the K fell and on the river the Q.
Another bad beat, if it is a bad beat. 99 vs A6. On the flop the first 6 popped up and on the river the second :(.
AKu vs Q2s then. On the flop the A and K appeared (SA CK S3). Good enough for a decent raise. Got a call. So I guessed he had an A or a K, in the wost scenario both. On the turn another Spades showed up. It is the 6. So I completely forgot about the flush, which killed me! Not a bad beat but a stupid move from my side.

I played 8 SNGs and only ended twice as second.

My bankroll took a dive to: 35.72$. With only 11.50$ left on Titan.
Today no poker will be played, which is probably a good thing. On Wednesday it will be dangerous again cause there is also champions league.

I'm also going to register on Party Poker, were you also can get a 50$ no deposit bonus.
If you are also interested in this deposit bonus then follow this link:
Your Poker Cash. If they ask for a referral code, please fill in:e7b920.
On this site you can find a 50$ no deposit for Absolute (also for US residents), Party Poker and Titan Poker.

The new fish called Dremeber

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MiasDaddy said...

Hi Mate, I think the difference between an average poker player and a better one is the way we handle the bad beats. Seems like the world is against you sometimes, but it is all about making the right decisions. Do this 90% of the time, and you'll be building a very healthy BR in the long term.
Sure, a few 10%'s will go against you, but you'll be a wining player in the long term.

Good luck.