Monday, March 12, 2007

A fresh start is needed!

Okay, I ran out of money at Titan. Partly my fault, partly the fault of my ADSL modem.
I tried to build up the bankroll but made the most incorrect decisions all the way, combine this with a few bad beats we all of and a power faillure and the result is broke at Titan.

The power faillure came at a awfull moment. I just had decided to register for a 5$ SNG single table. After the second hand, the power fell out. This because of a broken boillure. I had the power back-up after 5 minutes, which should not be mortal in a 5$ SNG, with 7 minutes blinds. The problem was that the power faillure killed my ADSL modem. Came in fourth and bye bye bankroll.

My bankroll now is at the lowest ever: 11$.

Meaning going back to the 1$ tournament at Unibet Poker.

Titan was fun. The Maui and Dirty Dozen ideas are great. Winning four of them at a row, gives you a 2000$ bonus for the Dirty Dozen and a 4000$ bonus for the Maui. You have to get used to the overal interface but playing multiple tables at the same time is very enjoyable. If you don't have a Titan account already and not living in the US, then try out the 50$ no deposit bonus.

The next two weeks my main priority is the move. For the first time ever we will be living in our (the banks) house. While I really look forward to he new house, I'm already fed up with the moving part. Also I'm curious how long it will take to have internet access.

I'll keep you posted.

Cheers and better luck then I have,

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