Monday, March 05, 2007

Progress, it is going better

I'm making little progress with my bankroll, which is now on 51,06$. an increase of almost 4$ compared to my previous post.

It is very strange, on the Titan Turbo Copenhagen (2$ + 0.40$) I made a profit but on the lower Titan Turbo Cardiff (1$+0.20$) I made an imense loss.
I played 16 Cardiffs and only managed to get in the money three times. (1 first and 2 seconds) Resulting is a loss of 12.60$.
On the other hand I played 9 Copenhagens and 6 times I ended up in the money. I won 3 times and came in second 3 times. Giving me a profit of 14.40$. Not bad I guess.
Still I find a strange, you expect weaker players at the Cardiff table but time and time again I run into bad beats. Grrrh. But it is a part of the game.

On Unibet I also was almost capable of turning my overal outcome on the 0.90$+0.10$ into a profit. Since last post I played 27 of those SNGs. 8 times I won and 8 times I was second. Resulting in a profit of 4.30$.

In total I have played for the moment 192 SNGs, with a nett loss of 17,19$. Not so bad for a fish I guess. My next aim is to turn the Unibet 0,90$+0,10$ into a profit. Then I will try to increase my bankroll further with the Copenhagen and will stay away for a while from the Cardiff tables.

But not much poker this week. My social agenda is to full.

Good luck and see you at the tables,

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astrodg said...

You are paying too much rake, 2+.40 is about 20c more than the standard. Over 10 SNGs you are already down 2$ compared to some of the bigger sites like Poker Stars. At Full Tilt you'd be saving 20c per SNG, plus making 27% of the rake you pay, back.

Titan poker has a somewhat fishy player base, but you cant beat the other sites in my opinion. GL