Tuesday, June 05, 2007

second challenge almost finished

I did not play a lot of poker these days.
First of all it if finally decent weather here in Belgium. Secondly the yearly tennis tournament at our tennis club is going on and I was playing in three divisions. And finally Roland Garros is busy.

Still I managed to loose all my money on Ultimate.
So back to Unibet. Only played 3 SNGs in the last 4 days. Twice I won the SNG and the other one I became second. Still 9 SNGs to go and the results look promising. At the moment I have 11 wins and 13 second places. Already know that i will make at least a profit of 2.2$ with this challenge. But still I have to recover the 9.95$ loss of the previous one.

Probably it will be finished at the end of the week.

Was a little bit scared this morning cause the bloglisting was not availble anymore! But they corrected the bug.


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