Saturday, June 09, 2007

Moneybookers and VC and DC poker

I'm still wanting till my money arrives at my moneybookers account. It was a though decision between Neteller and Moneybookers. But will all the troubles Neteller has at the moment in the US, I thought it was safer to use Moneybookers, which is accepted by 90% of the Poker Rooms.


In the mean time I open up an account on VC Poker. If you never had account here before you can get a 10$ No deposit bonus!

Had a strange SNG this morning there. For once some hands.
5 players (of the 6) still in the SNG.
I got AJu, so I do a raise of 80$. The SB raises all-in to 505$ the BB folds and I call.
He turns 88 and the rest is history. My stack dropped to 850 chips. (you start with 1000 chips)

The next hand I won a pot of 1830 chips with A10 vs A6. No 10 of 6 or the board, but 4 spades, the same as my 10.

A few hands later, I got pocket pair 8s. I'm the BB. The first 2 folds and the SB calls. So I raise 60, which is also called by the SB. The board is 846 of clubs. The SB checks so I assume that he doesn't have the flush so I raise 120 again, which is called again. The turn is a fucking 5. So now the SB has a clear straight possibility. He bets 120. I should have know better but I call. The river is 9. He bets 420 and I don't know why but I call. And off course he has a 7.

And from that moment on I tilted I guess. 5 hands later I get Pocket Pairs 9s and I'm sitting in the BB. The one in early position raise 200 (the BB at the time) and I go all-in. He calls and shown A10. And on the flop is was already over with a 10 on the board.

So, bye bye Dremeber.

I know stupid play!

Yesterday was even worse a 14 player MMT. I crashed on the bubble with A9 against QQ.

Cheers and good luck,

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