Wednesday, June 06, 2007

second set of 50 sngs completed

Pretty proud on my results in the second set of 50 SNGs.
58% ITM.

11 wins
18 times second
7 times third
6 times 4th
8 times fifth

My biggest ITM streak was 6 times in a row, the same as my biggest lossing streak.
Managed to win 4 SNGs in a row.

But I lost all my winnings in the MTTs.

So, now I have decided that I will create a Moneybookers account and deposit 100$. I will divide over 2 Poker Rooms, but don't know yet which ones.
Would love to try InterPoker but they don't have the possibility to deposit via Moneybookers.

Full Tilt also will not be selected cause with a month there will be an action to receive a 50$ no deposit bonus.


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