Sunday, July 29, 2007

second set of 20 finished

I finished my second set of 20 SNGs in the chase for clearing my deposit bonus. And the results are very much above expectations.

40% ITM. Won 5 of these SNGs. Got in third in three other occasions. Made a profit of 35.2$.
Overal I'm now 27,5% ITM and made a profit of 21.8$.

But what I find very strange is that within all 40 the the SNGs I never finished second or 4th.

As I posted before, these results are to good to be based on pure luck. At least that is what I hope. Of course, some luck is always involved with playing poker. You need to have the luck that your AA are not cracked. Or that the others don't make the flush or the straight.

Also, I understand now that a bad beat can be your own fault. A week ago I lost 12$ in a ring game cause I was slow playing my straight. Cause of this the implied odds always gave the vilan the chance of calling and so completing his flush! Back then I really felt as a bad beat but now I understand that I gave him every right the call my minimal raises over and over again.

Bankroll at Stars is now at 62$.
Remaining FPPs needed: 152.

Good luck,

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Rob1606 said...

Congratulations! Very nice results, keep up the good work :-)