Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hectic days

Yep, the last working days before a holiday are always hectic. Of course at work I want to have my tasks finished so that I can really enjoy my three weeks of.

Yesterday I didn't even had time to play poker. Immediately after work I went to the travel agency to book our holiday. Its going to be 2 weeks in the south of Spain. 8 days Fly and Drive and 3 days doing nothing at the beach. Really looking forward to it. If I'm lucky I can buy some tickets for the game Sevilla - Huelva. Well see.
Than I had to rush to the Spanish class. Yep, third year now. I may say that I can fluently order my cerveza.

If it was not enough I had an indoor soccer game at 10.
Was really exhausted when I cam hone at midnight. At 2 a.m. the dumbo decided that it was time for a SNG. Went out in the first hand when my 2233 was beating by 333. That's life!

Only 4 points away from clearing my bonus. So that should be feasible for this month.

Current BR: 52.09$

Good luck at the tables,

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