Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The ultimate goal for the remainder of the year is to get break even

The end of the year is getting closer. So it is time to set one final goal for the end of the year.
This year was my first year as amateur poker player. So in the beginning of the year the goal was simple. Try to learn the game and minimize the losses. In total I have funded my online bank account with around 240$. So the goal is pretty clear. At the end of the year I want to have at least 140$ in my online bank account.

The online bank account at the moment is 115$ and I also have 115$ in my Titan account. If I wouldn’t have donked away 75$ at a online casino and 50$ in the Titan Casino my goal would have been reached already. But unfortunately I did. What happened happened. So my combined online bankroll is 230$. The problem is that I may not withdraw all the money from my Titan account due to their bonus policy. According to their rules I should always have a BR there of at least 50$, which was my deposit, until the bonus period ends or I reached x iPoints.

So the more realistic calculation at the moment is: 115$ + 65$ = 180$
So my goal is to win at least 60$ in the last part of the year. According to my results @ Titan so far it should be feasible. It won’t be an easy job but there is no use is doing a challenge if it isn’t challenging.

I will try to achieve this in phases.
The idea is the withdraw once 50$ when the BR @ Titan hits 150$, bringing my online bank account @ 165$. And another withdrawal of 75$ when the Titan BR hits 150$ again.
If this last goal fails I will withdraw anything above 50$ (with a maximum of 75$) from Titan at December the 30th.

Whish me luck,

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Rob1606 said...

Good luck on your challenge! Sounds like a good idea. I think it is also important to keep track of how much money you put into the various sites. Sometimes when I look people up at sharkscope, I get the impression that they do not do this....

Rot Weiss said...

The best site for withdrawing money I find is Bet Fair - not that I usually have much to withdraw!