Thursday, December 06, 2007

December update

First of all, thx for all the tips. I'm trying to adjust my play and trying to use these tips to increase me level a bit.
Since last post, I played 6 SNGs.

SNG1: 4th
Did not play bad at all. Only went a little bit overboard when trying to steal the BB from the SB with K9. I was 3rd in chiplead the BB last. I decided to go all-in and he called with A5. Stupid and silly move. I guess it was my only incorrect decision but it did cost me a paid place.

SNg2: 10th
Did not survive one hand. Went AIPF with AKs and lost against AJ. J on the flop. I should not call an all-in within the first 5 hand.

Finally ITM again. Only third because my pocket 6s did not stand against AJs.

Again third. This does not help me. The third is nice for the ITM stats but it is costing me money :(. Again the pocket pair did not stand against 2 overcards. This time my 88s where beaten by A10.

SNG5: 9th
Little bit pissed about my exit. Really card dead during the complete tournament. In the BB I got dealt K4u. The SB is the only one to complete. The flop is 8KQ with 2 hearts. The SB raises 120 (pot sized bet), I have Top pair and I don't think that the SB has a K or made 2 pair so I decide to re-raise to 240. Maybe my raise was to small cause I'm giving him 3 to 1 one odds for the flush (which is the only situation in which he could call, in my opinion at least). He re-raises all-in, which I think indicates weakness. So I decide to call. He turns over Q6. The 6 on the Turn seals my faith.

At last some recovery for my losses. Did play close to my A-game. Was not good enough to claim the victory.

My stats for December so far are:
SNGs played: 20
ITM: 7 times (35%)
ROI: -22,73%
Loss: -25$.

Overal SNG stats @ Titan:
SNGs played: 102
ITM: 38 times (38,24%)
ROI: 10,09%
Profit: 56.8$.

Good luck at the tables,

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seymour:cards said...

hey dremeber,

love the blog, was one of the first poker blogs i read.

have started my own and would love your thoughts

have linked you up and would be great if you could add me to.

will be back again soon