Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First SNG win of the month

No time for a major post cause I have to go out with my classmates from my Spanish Class. But just wanted to let you know that the first SNG victory is within the pocket. Played 3 SNG yesterday. In two of them i played very very bad but in the other one the victory was sweet.

Have to admit that I got the right cards at the correct moments but also I had the gut the call an all-in to see that my flush was one card higher than his. This happened twice in 10 hands time and two times against the same opponent.

Good luck at the tables,

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SG - King of the forum ban said...

Hey Dremeber, hope you are well. Chalfont (Call of the Wildcat) recommended your blog to me a few months ago, I have read with much interest since then. I notice that, like me, you generally play more SNG than anything, this is something that I can relate to and find your blog highly informative. As a result, when I started my own blog this week, one of the first things I did was to link this one to it, as I feel it is relevant to my own (most of my table time for the challenge will be SNG). Check it out at 10to10kchallenge.blogspot.com, if you can think of anything that may help me on my quest, please feel free to leave me a few comments. Yours is a great blog buddy, keep it up!!
Gareth (SG)