Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend update

Did not play so much this weekend. I'm trying to keep the flu away which is sitting around the corner waiting on one of my weakest moments.

On Littlewoods I made a small profit of something around $0.60. This due to the 2 MTT I played in. In one I just took a gamble and went out and in the other I did not believe that my AQ was beaten by an AK.
So all my profit came from cash games, what is that for a surprise.
Overall I played 1077 cash hands this weekend, good for a profit of $8.11. All on the $0.03/0.06 tables. My biggest profit was when I had 4 10s. Felt really nice.

I almost cleared my December loss on this kind of table. Still $0.42 to go. In total I still have a loss of $99 on littlewoods. So lots of work has to been done there.

Also played some SNGs on Titan. 9 played. No victories but I'm confident that they will come this week. 2 second places and 3 third places. So more than 50% ITM, which is not so bad.

To good thing is that I'm sticking to my BR management plan. Some adjustments have to be made. At the moment according to my plan I could move up when my BR will hit 100$ but I'm going to increase this to around 40 times the buy-in of the next level. Cause the next level will be the 0.03/0.06GBP, my BR has to be at least 60GBP or around $120.

I also downloaded a new poker calculator MagicHoldem, when my trial period has ended I will write a review about it.

Good luck at the tables,

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