Saturday, February 16, 2008

Friday night wrap up

Yesterday the final Match day of the second season of the RTR Premier league was due. And I'm almost a little bit ashamed to tell to I was the decisive factor. 2 players still had change on a EPT sat tocket, worth $530, those were RickyRose and BurnleyMik.
After a half hour play I found Ladies in my hole cards and decided to push it. I guess RR was screaming out loud cause he had pocket aces and his stack was comperable with the one of Mik. He calls instantly to see his nightmare come true. A Q on the flop. Sorry Ricky, not proud on it.
I ended the tournament in 7th place. 10 minutes later it was my turn to see my aces cracked in the 3 way AIPF pot. Kenn121 was holding pocket 10s and also some QQs were involved. 10 on the flop and bye bye.

Also played 2 other MTTs. A 10 euro MTT on LW and a 2 GBP at LW.
These stories in short.

10 euro MTT, 124 players, 20 paid places
Did not play a hand in the first two level. In level 3 I stole the blinds out of boredom with J10. In level 4 I played my first hand. I raised 400 from late position with A4 and the BB called. Flop is 996. BB checks I go all-in and he folds.
Went out in Level 5 when my AK was beaten by a ..... AK. He made the flush on the river. Out in 54th. Did nothing wrong and it is very hard to go out this way.

GBP2 MTT, 378 players, 40 paid places
Only played 2 hands. Won an all-in pre-flop race with AQ vs AJ. J on the flop, Q on the river. Justice!
Went out with a badly timed bluf against another middle stack. I lost with top pair but a weaker kicker. My own fault. Out in 149th.

To close the evening I decided to play one cash table at the $0.15/0.25 level. I bought in for the minimum which is $10. To step down from the tables with $40.
Was very lucky when the K on the river completed my FH to beat the straight. Won another big pot with AA. And lost of small pot cause I identified the sucker at the table. There is a first time for everything.
Some stats from the cash session:
Hands played: 107
Profit: $30.87
BB/100 hands: 57.7 (this is immense)
Overal PFR: 13.08%

Good luck at the tables,

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