Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Running hot!

February is not even half way and I did manage already to win as much SNGs as in January. This does not say that I will break the record of January but there is a big chance. Still 17 days to add some more to them.
So what’s the difference? Well I play a little bit more aggressive during the bubble. Focusing my aggression on the middle stacks and trying to leave the big and short stacks alone. The short stacks have much less to loose and the big stack are more willing to take a gamble. So no reason to attack these. But also the lady luck appears to love me a little bit more than in January, which is a factor which can’t be underestimated.

My february stats at the moment are:

23 SNGs played
5 wins
4 second places
2 third place

ITM: 47,8%
ROI: 62%

Did not play much on LittleWoods these days. Don’t know why but depending on the time I have available and the mood I’m in I will decide which room to open. And Titan appears to be my first choice. Another reason are the disappointing results in the “Double your money” SNGs. Played 16 of those and only managed to get 9 times ITM for a whooping profit of $2. Also find it strange that the Rakeback deal I have on Littlewoods does not motivate me more to play there. But it is hard to build up a decent rake when only playing these DYMs and the $0.03/0.06 6 max ring games. Takes ages. And only playing to build up rake or to chase a bonus is in my opinion dangerous cause it does influence my play and the amount that I play.

Any ideas which is the best way to spend the Titan Poker Points? I did only find sats where you can buy-in for 200 or 300 of these points where u can qualify for tournament where money can be won!

Good luck at the tables,

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Anonymous said...

incredible results mate very well done


SG - King of the forum ban said...

62% on the STTs is phenomenal fella, excellent work, keep it up!! I've also just read your analogy of the tilt monster, what a great way of looking at it. Cheers for keeping me entertained, as ever. Nice one :-)



The 80th Minute said...

Thx guys