Sunday, February 17, 2008

The wrong side of variance

Yep, back again on the wrong side. Nothing you can do about it besides sitting back and wait.
But it is causing a lot of frustrations, which brings one closer to Tilting. So I decided to remove almost all funds from Titan, leaving 4 buy-in behind for the Auckland 30 seaters.
Maybe a variation in SNG clears my mind. I will bust this small roll or bring it back above $75, so that I can continue my Challenge but for so long the 250 SNG challenge is on hold.

Played 5 10 seater SNGs yesterday. 6th was my best result. I have to blame myself for 2 eliminations but the other 3 were just bad luck. Loosing AK vs AQ, A4 vs J9, 2 pair vs flush, etc...

Already played 2 30 seaters: The results 18th and fourth.

This is the story of my fourth place. It is an unedited version of the things I was thinking during the SNG:
AK from early position. Raise 3 BB. 1 caller. Flop missed. Flush warning on board. pretended to have the flush and took the pot uncontested!
44. Limped in. Flop 699. Raised 120. Pot uncontested.
AA. Raised 4 BB. Flop AQ2. Villan raises 240. I reraise to 480. He goes all-in. Easy call. Had Q10.
No help for him. Bringing me into 4th position.
33 in SB. Pot was unopened. Only BB stolen.
JQs. Stole the blinds from early position. Hand before a 3 way pot was decided. It was won by a set of 7s vs. AK and 88.
People are dropping like flies now. FT should be achievable.
Tried to steal with 45 from SB. BB calls. C-bets after the flop gives me the pot uncontested.
12 left, me in 4th place.
FT. Good cause there where 2 bully at the table with a massive chip lead nothing i could do about
with my cards.
9 left. 4 more to survive.
8 left. 3 more to survive. (6th in chips)
7 left. 2 more to survive. (This happened in 3 hands)
AJ. Going out for a steal.
Will wait for premium hands. Need the cash!
A4 in middle pos. Raise 3 BB. Stole the blinds.
6 left. 1 more to go. 5th in chips.
Playing with fear, which isn't good.
J10s in SB, big raise from chipleader, so easy fold.
Almost the double of the stack of the 6th, Problem is that if he doubles up, I'm fucked.
88, folded due to a big raise in front of me. From UTG.
Blinds are hurting now. 5 BB left. that's only 2 rounds.
AK in BB. Going to push now. Regardless of the raises. Phew, pot is mine. UTB raised, I pushed he called with Q6.
ITM. Yeah.
5 to go. Shorty only has 700 left.
Shorty tripled up.
QK. Limped in. Folded when shorty went all-in and big stack called. GF would have lost.
66. Stole the blinds.
pushed with Q9. Stole the blinds again. Still shorty.
out in 4th.
Lost with KJs vs AJ.

Good luck at the tables,

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