Monday, February 18, 2008


Only played 1 30 seater this evening and yes I made the money. Only a 4th place but money is money. This brings my BR back to $33 on Titan.
Add to this the $75 I already banked this month from Titan and then I may not complain.

I have to admit that the 30 seaters are tougher to cracke then I thought but still 6 buy-in left. Or maybe it is time to switch back to the 10 seaters. In 11 attempt only 3 cashes. So a lot of improvement is needed. 9 times I made it to the FT. One time I went out as first :(. Meaning a loss of $2. Bummer. Still I'm confident that I can make this 30 seater SNG profitable!

Good luck at the tables,

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dD said...

we still read mate !

most of us are lazy fcukers who use rss feeds ... my work have banned access to blogger :(

keep writing as we are there or there abouts !!