Thursday, February 21, 2008


On Tuesday I played one 30 seater at Titan to become the bubble boy. While it is always hard to end just outside the Money for sure after an SNG of an hour and a half. To be honest I probably should have played the bubble differently. I was third in chip lead when the bubble started with 2 or 3 shorties. So the first idea was the sit back and wait until they did eliminate each other. This was easy cause I was completely card dead but the shorties were doubling up like crazy. In the mean time I stayed card dead and the blinds were eating my stack. At a certain moment I had to push with K4 in SB. The BB called with qj and made his straight on the river. Bummer.

Yesterday I lost my first buy-in of the month at the cash tables. Played 2 sessions. In the first one I won a buy-in so it was a break even evening. The lost buy-in was a combination of bad luck and a SNG play style. UTB I was given pocket Kings. Before it was my turn to act there was already one limper in the pot and a standard raise from 1$ (3BB + 1BB for the limper). I decided to push. Bad idea cause for the raiser with pocket Aces it was a simple call. If I would have called the raise of attempted a re-raise I probably would have folded after the flop cause an A was on the board. The push was with $11, so way to aggressive. Hope I learned my lesson.

Good luck at the tables,

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Anonymous said...

Are you dead? This is the longest we've been without an update! Quite frankly, i dunno if i can take it anymore!

BlaBlaBoem said...

been reading your blog for a while, as a fellow belgium, I started one myself, so I feel the need to pimp it, sorry :|
gl :)

Rob1606 said...

Yes, where did you go?