Monday, May 26, 2008

The last post!

Because it will be my last post on this blog it will be rather long one cause I want to end in style! So if you don’t have to time or aren’t interested in the long version the short version is that I will stop blogging and that this blog will be erased from cyberspace on the first of June!

As you could have guessed based on the frequency of my posts I will stop this blog. I lost the motivation to keep this blog alive. I’m glad to see that other people still find the drive to keep their blog going, some more than several years. Even better some of these blogs are really good!. A standard I would never achieve. It is also good to see that a lot of bloggers really improved their poker abilities. Even some of these fishes are giving it a shot at the pro level. Good luck guys!
Let’s be honest this blog will not be missed. Maybe I will regret my decision within a few weeks/months but I doubt it. I don’t even have the motivation to write this post but I don’t want to end with a meaningless post. I preferred to go out with explaining my reasoning behind my decision and to make it clear that there is no use to visit this blog again cause it will not be updated anymore. Even better it will be vaporised from cyberspace.

My poker career!
Like if there was any!
If I look back at my poker career so far. I think that the following sentence sums it up: In the beginning a fish, more than a year later still a fish equals always a fish.
My progress, if there is/was any, is going slowly. My results and play are still in rollercoaster phase. Resulting in the fact that I can’t move up SNG levels, which was my goal. Like every fish I did have some nice results, probably more based on luck then on ability. These results were good enough to stick around in the online poker community and isn’t this the intention of the online poker rooms to keep the fishes a board cause without fishes no shark. And no shark means a lot less income for them!
The problem is that if I really want to move up levels I need do some homework and poker study but pfff nope, no can do. So what is the use then of blogging about my poker experience.
I guess the final drop which killed my motivation is the current loosing streak at Stars. I know that part of the game is that you loose some races and you win some races but it really gets frustrated when you always are loosing them while you move was correct.
However I still want to thanks some of the RTR member for trying to lift my level and giving me advice. Also I want to thank MrPink for our never ending email discussions!
Maybe my biggest mistake is that I saw and still see poker as a way to spend some free hours. Besides this I was also to focussed on short time results (maybe one of the biggest mistakes in poker). On the other hand if short time results indicate that you suck there is no use in finding proof for this in long time results.

I did find out that poker reflects my life a little bit. A lot of ups and downs. And just like with most things in life I don’t excel in it nor underachieve in it.

Will poker still have a place in my life?
I think it will. I just won’t blog about it anymore and the playing hours will decrease even more. At the moment I still have $180 in my stars account and $114 in my online poker account. There is no use in cashing this due to the weak dollar and also I don’t want it. The plan is to secure another $100 from my stars account cause a tilt session is quickly approaching. This way I still have a nice BR stacked away for a fresh start at another room some day. The remaining $ at stars will be used at the $6 SNGs. So it can end quickly or last for ever. We will see.

All, thx for reading my blog and all the luck in life and at the poker table,

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Anonymous said...

Hey you Belgian fish! LOL! Don't completely close the blog, they are great therapy for when you are running bad.

As for you think ing you're a fish a year on I seriously doubt it mate. I remember when you first starting playing the bloggerment etc and you didn'treally know what you were doing against the aggro players but towards the end you were re-popping people and felt at home.

Your problem is that you are playing too low and think too much for someone at these stakes. You have game mate, I hope you don't jack it all in.

Add me on msn if you wanna chat about anything. yorskh1repudding AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk

Don't be a stranger mate.

voiceofjoe said...

Good Luck Dr, but no need to delete it - just keep it for prosperity.

Good Luck with whatever you do in life

Razboynik said...

Don't delete the blog. Keep it for when you get back in to poker again. You are at a dead end, and don't know how to get out of it.
I recently had some group coaching at Leggopoker and it helped my game tremendously. I now play TX NL 6 max at ipoker and (touch wood and whistle) am having a lot of success.
Poker, and Life, is a daily process of learning. It never stops. I have been writing my blog for 2 1/2 years, because it helps me to think about my game, and I earn a few $$$$ with advertising;-)

MTTs and SnGs have far more variance than cash games. Maybe you should concentrate on cash games more?
Learn a new game.
Take a break for a few weeks or even a few months, then come back to poker refreshed and ready for action.

Rot Weiss said...

As someone said, don't delete the blog. Think about writing one post a month or something like that -doesn't even have to be about poker. It can be quite cathartic.

Small Stakes Poker said...

yeah delete it, its cack ;)

nah only kidding. If you were paying for the webspace or didnt have time then fair enough but like most comments , keep it open, ok it mightnt get updated for a while. Ive seen a lot of blogs deleted in the last few years and the majority tend to start a new one. Better to have the old one should the fancy take you.

gl gl

Mr Cea said...

Link swap let me know pal

Anonymous said...

You definitely shouldn't delete it, it contains so much information valuable to others. And I still would like to see a new post every once in a while, even once a month would be nice. Cheerio! :)