Thursday, June 12, 2008

thx for the comments

Hi all,

Thx for the comments. I made me decide not to delete the blog from the internet. The main reason is that like somebody posted, it would be much easier to kick start this blog in stead of creating a new one when I feel like blogging again. I love the layout of my blog and it took me some time to get it how I wanted it. So it would be a shame to erase this effort. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Played some poker in the past few days. Had deposit 40euros on unibet poker, the place where I started. Due to still a lack of motivation this had dropped to 8 euros. This evening I doubled it, so the way up has started. So again a lesson learned. DONT PLAY WHEN YOU DONT FEEL LIKE PLAYING. It seems that when I'm playing while I shouldn't I can't care if I win or loose a hand.
So, I decided to the few time I will play, I try some cash games. This way I can leave at any time I want, which isn't the case with SNGs.


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TanOrpheus said...

Good. Don't quit ! Everywhere I look people are quitting stuff lately.
Break the mould !

Selectabet said...

Hi Dremeber,

Thanks for the comment over at my blog. Thanks for the heads up on the adsense too - I didn't realise that!

I'll prob remove them now. I'm guessing AdBrite is OK since you've got them on your site?

Nice blog BTW and keep going at it - too many people throw in the towel too soon.

All the best, selectabet

The 80th Minute said...

Your welcome!

Small Stakes Poker said...

Welcome back