Sunday, August 24, 2008

Quick August update cause ...

... I have the feeling that it will take a while before I will have another chance to update. For the ones who know me, well it is very close!!!!

Yesterday I concentrated on playing SNGs on Stars. Don't know why but it did pay off. I made $35 profit, which is not bad for playing on my level. It seems that my doomswitch has been turn off.
Maybe it is to soon for a monthly review but here I go anyway.

Full Tilt
The good news is that I cleared my FT points and that I could withdraw all my deposited money and leaving some dosh behind. But FT punished my for that by switching on the doowswitch. The biggest part of my profit was won in one MTT, where I ended 4th.
My BR at FT at the moment is $37.

Well it was a month with up and downs but at the moment I'm still making a decent profit there. At the end of last month I deposited $85, which entitled my for a reload bonus of $34, which is gigantic for me. I already cleared 50% of the points needed. My of the profit was made with ring games but due to yesterday I may not underestimate the profit made in SNGs.
In the beginning of the month, the BR was $120, but after one bad beat to many I decided to withdraw my initial deposit leaving me behind with only $35. But... at the moment my BR is back above $100.

After clearing my required points on FT, I registered for a No deposit bonus on Cake poker. I know that there are Rakeback deals available for Cake Poker but I don't play enough to profit from a rakeback deal. So lets see what I can do with these free $50.

At the beginning of the month my Moneybookers account was empty :(. This due to my decision to upload funds to PS to chase the deposit bonus. But now the account statement says $85.59. So no complaints here.

In total a profit of around $100, which is great for me.

Good luck at the felt,

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