Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Set 2, did I lost it?

Mmmh, very surprised about this result. Again a loss.
Played again a set of 25 18 seaters ($1.75) and I did record a loss of $3.25. Only 12 FTs, that's 1 less as set 1. One miserable win. And 4 other paid places.

Tried to tighten my game in the early stages. But this brings some problems later on in the SNG when staying card dead, resulting in push fold games. And if then lady luck does not want to support you it becomes really hard. AA crackes by QQ, KK by 99, 999 by a river flush and so on. But this can't explain it all. So I have to lift my game to a next level.

Let's hope that set 3 will be better. The start was promising with 2 cashes out of 4 games, but the next 4 were crap again.


3 reacties:

Wildcat said...

Out of interest, have you considered playing the double or nothings? Learning basic strategy in these should give you an advantage over most players who don't have a clue on them! gl.

Stacyonthecouch said...

I love the double or nothing games, I'm pretty new to poker and am still quite conservative, but I can always finish in the $$ in these games :)

The 80th Minute said...

Mhh, could give it a chance. Did try a few of them a year ago. The problem I have with these that you need a ITM of above 60% to make a profit.

Will first try 4 sets of these 18 seaters and decide based on the stats and profit figures. But thx for the tip, will keep it in mind.