Friday, October 30, 2009

Set 7: Acceptable

Set 7 is finished. The good news is that it did bring my BR above $100. A little bit faster then expected.
Set 7 was good for a profit of $21.05, 2 wins, 9 cashed and 19 FT.
I donked away 2 SNGs in which I got eliminated within the first 2 hands. Twice with AK, trying to steal the pot. I still cannot explain why I did this.

The overall profit now stands on $74.45. Good for a ROI of 24%.

If everything goes according to plan I can leave the $1.75 behind me after set 7. I did hesitate to step up to the next level but to honest I don't see any reason not to step up. My BR supports it and I always can step down.
I do expect a drop in ROI but I don't expect a negative one. This expectation is based on the stats I have at the $3.40 level. Played already 218 games at this level, they were good for a profit of $81, representing a ROI of 11%.


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